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Getting to SellYourCarForCash.com from Patchogue New York

For directions to Sell Your Car for Cash from Patchogue New York, please use our Suffolk County location which is located on the North Shore of Long Island in Mt. Sinai. Our friendly and courteous staff are waiting to hear from you! The address is 390 Route 25A, Mt Sinai, NY 11766. Phone number is (631) 367-2274 or Toll free: 1-888-FOR-CASH

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From Patchogue, Take Ocean Avenue North to Route 25A. The road will turn into Patchogue Mount Sinai Road just after you padd the Long Island Expressway. Keep heading North. When you reach 25A make a left. Destination will be on the left.

Open Directions

Listed below are actual vehicle purchases from sellers in Patchogue over the years.

12/10/2004 Henry M 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe 4A3AK34Y4VE166593 Patchogue
7/5/06 Kevin L 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV IJ4GW48S6IC527996 Patchogue
4/18/07 Alice N 2001 Chevrolet Impala Sedan 2GIWF52E619228289 Patchogue
4/7/08 Kevin L 2005 Jeep Liberty SUV IJ4GL58K45W723437 Patchogue
7/17/08 Gisselie R 2001 Hyundai Elantra Sedan KMHDN45D2IU240744 Patchogue
1/13/09 Joseph I 2004 Mazda 3S Sedan JMIBK123241211541 Patchogue
1/17/09 Jason & Kelly H 1999 Jeep Cherokee SUV IJ4FF68S5XL599062 Patchogue
1/30/09 Alllison W 2002 Nissan Quest Van 4N2N15T92D810978 Patchogue
9/26/09 Noreen R 2001 Toyota RFN 4 Sedan JTEHH2OV710107305 Patchogue
2/23/10 John K 1995 Chevorlet Corvette Coupe 1GIYY22P755102072 Patchogue
4/26/10 Christine H 2008 Mazda 3i Sedan JMIBK32G781143290 Patchogue
5/25/10 Kenneth L 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV IJ4HR58N86C224740 Patchogue
12/14/10 Michael B 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV IJ8GW58N52C331614 Patchogue
5/7/11 Tara C 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV IJ4GR48K45C553249 Patchogue
8/29/11 Denise S 2010 Hyundai Accent Coupe KMHCM3ACXAU164339 Patchogue
12/1/11 Arthur K 2003 Ford E150 Van IFDREI4W03HA25740 Patchogue
2/16/12 Farleen M 2006 Nissan Sentra Sedan 3NICB51D86L638162 Patchogue
4/10/12 Stevens F 2009 Chrysler
Sedan 2C3KA53V69H634503 Patchogue
4/10/12 Stevens F 2009 Mercury Mariner Suburban 4M2CU97G09KJ00202 Patchogue
9/26/12 James C 2009 Audi A4 Sedan WAU5F78K49N071981 Patchogue
5/12/2005 Maria M 1998 Saturn SL2 Sedan 1G8ZJ5272WZ262273 Patchogue
5/13/2005 Karen P 1998 Ford Mustang Convertible 1FAFP45X4WF140065 Patchogue

*Data taken right from our oldest DMV books. Newer data will be added as those books are transcribed.