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How Do I Sell My Car for Cash?

How do you sell your car for cash fast and simple right now?

There will come a time when you decide to sell your vehicle and get something newer. You’ll likely, at least subconsciously, wonder to yourself, how do I sell my car? This question will obviously lead you to a variety of answers, depending on your circumstances however, what you’re really thinking is, how do I actually go about this and get from having the current vehicle to actually getting it sold and being done with it. Here are some steps to get you through this dilemma quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Contact Us

Getting a hold of us is very easy either by phone or email using the contact and quote forms on this website. This will give some fundamental details about your vehicle and help us schedule an appointment for you to come in. Although an appointment is usually best for everyone, you do not need to have an appointment and you are welcome to drive in to any of our locations for a fast on the spot appraisal. Our team of experts will working with you to very quickly access the value of your vehicle.

Step 2 – Be Prepared to Sell

Many of our purchases happen right there on the spot so be prepared to sell if you are seriously about exiting the vehicle. We recommend you bring your vehicles’ title and your identification either state issues or military ID so that we can be sure you are the owner of the vehicle and have the right to transfer title. If there is loan or other financing arrangement with your vehicle and it still has a lien on the title, please be sure to bring in your paperwork from that loan or financing agreement so that we can work with your bank to get you the best payoff amount.

Step 3 – Receive Cash

If our appraisers decide to purchase your vehicle, and we do purchase most vehicles we appraise as long as they are in at least fairly decent condition, they will make you a cash offer right there on the spot. At this point you will have the opportunity to either approve or decline the purchase and sale right there and if you have brought the necessary paperwork and identification we can seal the deal right there. We’ll even provide shuttle service to the nearest transportation point for your travel home.