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What Do I Need to Bring With Me?

Here are some tips for what paperwork will be required to sell your car on the spot.

We’re often asked when someone is already on the way to one of our locations if they need to have anything in particular with them for the sale of their vehicle. Here are some tips on what you should bring with you, before you head out to one of our quick cash locations.

Item 1 - Bring Your Vehicle’s Title

In order for our company, Sell Your Car for Cash, to legitimately purchase your vehicle and assume ownership, you will have to be in possession of the vehicle’s title which is its original ownership document. Your title will have been issued to you when you purchased the vehicle, or potentially through the mail after the vehicle was registered with the motor vehicle department. What If I Do Not Have My Title?

Item 2 – Leased or Financed Vehicles

If your vehicle was leased or financed there will likely be a LEIN recorded somewhere on the title which identifies the bank or financial institution who has loaned money on the vehicle and is holding a lien on the title as collateral for collecting all payments and fees. If your vehicle fits this scenario and is leased or financed, you should bring the title with the lien on it, or any associated lien release documentation or other paperwork related to the loan being paid-off including the account number. If you have not yet paid off the vehicle do not worry as we can work with the bank or financial institution to settle the balance. What If I Still Owe Money?

Item 3 – Your Identification

As the purchaser of your vehicle upon drive-in, we want to ensure we are dealing with the rightful owner of the vehicle so be sure and bring your state issued driver license or other identification such as a legal ID card, passport, or other state or government issued identification. We cannot complete a transaction unless we are absolutely sure we are purchasing the vehicle from its rightful owner so please do not forget to bring valid non-expired identification.

Item 4 – Bring Your Vehicle

It might seem like it goes without saying, but being in business for over 20 years, we’ve seen it all. In order for us to appraise the vehicle, we must see it in person at one of our locations. Often times we are able to provide a rough estimate based on make, model, trim, mileage, etc., however, we can only give a fully accurate quote when we see the vehicle in person and inspect it. With that said, we’re not able to purchase it without it being present either, so as much as you think this might be impossible to overlook, please bring the vehicle with you and be ready to accept an offer right on the spot.