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Is It Better to Sell My Car or Trade It In?

There are good reasons to sell your vehicle rather than trying to trade it in at a dealership.

When it is time to upgrade your vehicle you might be tempted to trade it in but this is not the best option and we’re going to take a few moments to tell you why selling your car for cash is a better option then trying to trade it at a dealership, regardless if you are buying something brand new or used.

Trading In Your Vehicle

When you go to trade in a vehicle at a dealership you will find that the dealership does not use a standard formula for pricing your car, they use certain guidelines which allow them to deviate from what your car is worth at a retail value and then compare it to a wholesale value and generally offer you far less than wholesale. They are also able to make it seem that they are giving you a great deal on your car, but you will notice that they are always interested in seeing what you are buying first because that allows the opportunity to play with the numbers and bury the price of what they’re actually paying you into the price of the vehicle you are buying by not discounting the vehicle as much as they could without the trade.

Consider Damage Assessment

This is especially relevant if you are bringing back a lease vehicle; any damage will be assessed higher than average where something such as worn tires or scratches and dents will apply a maximum fee set in your lease agreement., however, even used car dealers will assess higher than average potential repairs against the value of your vehicle as those need to be repaired before the car can be resold. At Sell Your Car for Cash, we are less concerned with minor damage as we’re near-never retailing the vehicle. For the most part, our vehicles are always sent to auction which means we do not need to penalize you nearly as much for damage which a lease return or dealer may charge.

Avoiding Private Parties

Most people trade in their vehicle because it seems easier and they do not want to deal with selling to the public. Sell Your Car for Cash allows you to sell your car quickly and easily, just as if you were to bring it to a dealer, but at the same time, avoid running ads and having multiple private parties coming to your home or work to inspect your vehicle and likely haggle you on the asking price. Selling privately causes you to handle multiple inquiries and schedule several appointments to hopefully and eventually find a serious buyer.

Receiving Higher Offer

Although you might feel like it is easier to trade in your vehicle, you will find that Sell Your Car for Cash is always able to offer sellers a higher price than a typical dealership. Purchasing vehicles is all we do and we’re experts at evaluating and appraising them, as well as moving them quickly to auction or wholesale buyers. We accept a large volume of vehicles each week giving us the flexibility on purchasing used cars in high quantities and unlike regular retail dealers we have a large number of people waiting for the units that come in each day.