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What If I Do Not Have My Title?

Here is some information on how we can help sellers who do not have their title.

If you are thinking of selling your car but do not have the title to the vehicle you might be thinking that it will be impossible to sell it. This is true, however there are ways to get lost titles by having them reissued by the motor vehicles title bureau when they are lost or for some other reason not available.

Replacing Lost Titles

If you have lost your title we can still help you by getting a duplicate or replacement sent and we have a direct line to the Motor Vehicle Title Bureau whom keeps a record of all titles for all vehicles from the date they are first issued and registered in each state. This is a process we are very familiar with and do many times in situations where a title is not available.

Getting a New Title

Many people who have lost their title and changed addresses feel stuck as the normal process is for the Department of Motor Vehicle’s Title Bureau to send the replacement to the address last on record, but even this we have a solution for. Many do not know it, but there are ways to change the title address on record before requesting the new title be sent. If you need help with this just let us know and we’ll take care of it right from one of our locations when you bring in your vehicle.

Expediting Lost Titles

There are many options for getting a replacement or duplicate title delivered some of which even include express and expedited options so that you can get your hands on a new, replacement or duplicate title quickly. Just let us know what your situation is and we’ll get your title processed just as quickly as possible to not hold up your transaction with us.

Title for Deceased Owners

When someone dies a vehicle becomes either part of an estate or transfers to surviving spouses, children or legal guardian depending on the value of the vehicle. Typically, vehicles under $25,000 are transferrable without becoming part of the state, however, these rules change depending on certain circumstances and different state laws. If you are looking to sell a vehicle for a deceased person, please let us know what the situation is and we’ll help figure out the best way to go about either getting a new title which removes the deceased person’s name, or identifying the quickest and simplest way to sell based on your unique situation.